Exhibition “Infinite Life”

Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Taipei 101 Building

101開幕 (7)
Total length of the steel wire reaches 480 KM, equal to the length of Taiwan island.
This art work is the fruitful result of one and a half years of deliberation and sweat by Kang Muhsiang, a local Taiwanese artist, experimenting and overcoming “cleaning, bending and turning” of the difficult material.

In 2013,Kang Mu-Xiang was invited by Taipei 101 building to create an environmentally friendly artwork with the steel cables that were previously used in the 101 floor elevators.

In 2002, he started working with driftwood, expressing his pursuit of life through this raw and elemental medium. He has since become known as an Environmental Rebirth Artist. This piece took 1.5 years of experimenting to overcome the challenges of the medium, cleaning the cable, making the tough malleable, and bending and turning of the massive cables into the required form.