The Unity Between a Man and the Mother Nature

bring Rebirth to Driftwoods on Turtle Island.

The typhoon experience in Taiwan Airport changed Kang Muxiang’s life. After the typhoon in 2002, he came to turtle island and bestowed new life to driftwood.
During his stay in Turtle Island, he listened to the tide in daytime and gazed star at night, thinking, comparing and exploring repeatedly the simplified carving skills to remold timber with the sense of free and ease, splendid and vivid. Features of “Life Tide” series are as follows: stand for the origin of life, reflect the nature of life, and give us an epitome of all the aspects of human world; meanwhile, it broke the medium restrictions and took on the wisdom of interdependent and resonate.

Embrace Life Eternally

In that year of absolute isolation, Kang used the driftwoods on the island for his artistic endeavors and entered a direct dialogue with the Mother Nature.

Unity of Heaven and Man,

Rebirth of driftwood in Turtle Island

This unique life experiences, sharpened Kang’s understanding and enabled him to gain his unique perspective of life. He created a series of works titled “Life” as the closure of this retreating and meditating year.